Intro to Angelology

Experience the angelic realm with our brief but impactful introductory class! Dive into the basics of Angelology Healing with The Angels, touching on techniques like chakra work, aura adjustments, affirmations, meditation, pendulums, hands-on healing, crystals, and more. While this class doesn’t allow for in-depth attunements, it equips you with fundamental knowledge to begin your angelic journey immediately.

Embark on a captivating journey into the realm of angels with our introductory class on Angelology. Delve into the fascinating world of celestial beings in this 1.5-hour session, completely free of charge, conducted conveniently over Zoom. Sign up now to uncover the secrets and wonders of angelic lore!

Zoom class to be held on:
Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2024
Time: 10:00 PM – 12:00 PM EST

Why Angelology Matters: Unveiling the Importance of Understanding Angelic Realms

The Angels were specifically crafted to aid us in our human journey. Mastering the art of connecting with the angels and delving deeper into the angelic realm to facilitate healing for ourselves and others holds immense significance. Such endeavors enable us to harmonize more profoundly with our divine essence and fulfill our soul’s mission.

Angel Wings, and Angel Therapy with Beth Vargas Healing

Two years ago a friend and I took Angelology Certification Level 1 from Beth Franks at Spark of the Divine. We both agreed it was a glorious, life-changing class. Recently, I received my Angelology Level 2 Certification – Healing With The Angels – from Beth and can not say enough about how beautiful Beth’s classes are. The are filled with wonderful healing techniques and meditations, as well as providing an up-close and Divinely personal way of connecting with the Angels for the benefit of myself and others.

Respectfully written in Love and Light,đź’ś Julie

My favorite course was Angelology

Beth’s knowledge of ancient religions and cultures impress and fascinate me. Beth highly regards her own teachers and guides.

Beth is a devoted teacher and does not hesitate giving needed one on one coaching.

She is honest with her students and supportive.

Beth is diligent with her teaching techniques and the in house course practices are thorough.

Beth’s interaction with people is open and subjective, she does not judge.

Do not hesitate to visit this much needed sanctuary.
I didn’t !
I keep coming back for more.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Angelology?

Angelology is the exploration of angels, delving into their nature, roles, and significance. The Angelology class is enriched with historical perspectives and cultural interpretations of angelic beings.

The angels Beth interacts with originate from a divine source and are specifically created to assist us on Earth.

Angels aid us in myriad ways, both significant and trivial. Despite our tendency to overlook smaller concerns, they willingly assist with even the slightest matters. Their purpose is tailored to our assistance, yet we must actively seek their help through invocation.

From birth to death, we are accompanied by six or seven constant angels who remain with us throughout our lifetime. Additionally, we encounter multiple angels who come and go based on our circumstances. Whether it’s embarking on a new job, redecorating our home, or welcoming a new addition to the family, various angels intervene at different events in our lives. As long as we ask.

Meditation. Set your intention and meditate. And if it does not come to you, call Beth. She can do an Angel discovery reading for you.

Beth takes a few moments to connect with the angels, allowing those willing to communicate to come forward. They consistently offer valuable insights aimed at aligning us with our divine nature. Often, this guidance includes specific tasks or assignments, akin to spiritual homework, designed to further our growth and understanding.

In the Angelology class, students delve into the practice of connecting with specific angelic entities, notably focusing on Melchizedek and the Sacred Seven: Gabriel, Camael, Michael, Zadkiel, Haniel, Cassiel, and Raphael. Through study and guidance, participants learn to establish a deeper understanding of these celestial beings and their unique attributes within spiritual practice.

Additionally, the Angelology Level I class will encompass a comprehensive exploration of various metaphysical practices. This includes an in-depth study of the chakras, techniques for working with pendulums, scrying, and dowsing rods. Students will also learn how to craft affirmations and meditations conducive to angelic communication and spiritual growth. Furthermore, the course will offer instruction on channeling angelic healing energy to facilitate personal and collective well-being.

Lastly, students engage in enjoyable activities such as exchanging readings, allowing them to practice their newfound skills in a supportive and interactive environment. This culmination of learning occurs in the Level II Angelology class, where students also delve into sacred geometry and the interpretation of healing Angel Glyphs, further enriching their understanding of angelic communication and spiritual development.

Join Us for a Free Zoom Introduction to Dive Deeper into Angelology

Zoom class to be held on:
Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2024
Time: 10:00 PM – 12:00 PM EST

Intro to Angelology, study the angels with beth vargas
Usui Reiki with Beth Vargas

Earn Continuing Education Credits in Reiki, Live on Zoom

Flow Into Expansion: Elevate Your Energy and Unlock New Earnings with Reiki


Continuing Education Credits Available. These are live classes, attendance is a must.

6 CEUs available FL 50-15229 NCBTMB 111.

This class is from 9 am – about 3pm depending on the students.

Pre-registration required. Deposit due at time of registration.

6 CEUs available FL (Nursing and/or LMT’s), GA (LMT’s), TN (LMT’s), SC (LMT’s), NH (LMT’s). CE BROKER: 50-15229 NCBTMB 111

Pre-requisite Reiki Level I.

The class is from 9 – 3. Level II is very intensive.

8 CEUs available FL (Nursing and/or LMT’s), GA (LMT’s), TN (LMT’s), SC (LMT’s), NH (LMT’s). CE BROKER: 50-15229 NCBTMB 111

Prerequisite – Reiki Levels I and II Certification

This class is from 9 am – 3 pm $388. You must

Pre-register with a deposit payment plan available.

7 CEUs available FL (Nursing and/or LMT’s), GA (LMT’s), TN (LMT’s), SC (LMT’s), NH (LMT’s). CE BROKER: 50-15229 NCBTMB 111

Deepen your Reiki practice and learn to pass this beautiful gift on to others. Reiki Master is the teaching level. CEUS COMING SOON